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onthetownezine.com, September/October 2009, p. 48

Marise McDermott – Deep in the Art of Texas

Witte Museum president and CEO Marise McDermott is proof that you can go home again, even if home isn’t where you were born and raised, but where your heart – and your dream job – is.







onthetownezine.com, May/June 2009, p. 78

The Joffrey Workshop - Buddy and Susan Trevino

Some teachers are born. Some are made. And some meet and marry each other and teach happily ever after. Fortunately for thousands of ballet students, Buddy and Susan Treviño have carried on a lifelong pas de deux that started 34 years ago when they met while dancing with Austin Ballet Theatre. Since then, as master teachers they have guided countless dancers of all ages through countless steps, whether their students viewed dance as a hobby or set their sights on a professional career. Read full article here








SA CityPages, December 2008, sacitypages.com, p. 13

Dr. William Chiego: Best of Both Worlds

How do you take one of San Antonio’s most distinctive cultural institutions into the 21st century? Very carefully.

When Dr. William Chiego came to the McNay Art Museum 17 years ago as its new director, he realized he would be helping to map out its next quarter-century of history. In fact, it was one of the main reasons he accepted. Read article here, p. 13.






Scene in SA, December 2008

Mavericks: Keith Zars

Keith Zars is at home on the water, and with good reason. His father Leif is owner of Gary Pools, and Keith dove into the family business when he started his own company, Keith Zars Pools, in 1985. When he isn’t building pools and spas for residences and businesses, however, you can probably find him on one of his five boats – either at home in San Antonio or at one of the many sailing clubs he visits to indulge his real passion: regattas. 







Scene in SA, October 2008

Mavericks: Richard Turner

Richard Turner is like a kid in a candy store. Make that a left-handed guitarist and Beatles aficionado in a store with left-handed guitars and Fab Four memorabilia. To make it even sweeter--it's his store.  Bouncing around in a blue t-shirt that says “Beat drums, not people,” camouflage shorts, and white sneakers, the slender, boyish Turner is living his latest dream with the opening of Redbone Guitar Boutique, a custom and vintage store that also carries amps, mikes, and other gear. 







SA CityPages, September 2008

Anya Grokhovski-Michaelson: Building Bridges

Anya Grokhovski-Michaelson is cooking up a storm in her kitchen, detailing her remodeling wish list, chatting about her favorite dishes, and most of all, talking about her beloved "baby"-- Musical Bridges Around the World concert series, an innovative program started by an ardent group of local music lovers that begins its eleventh season this month with this Russian dynamo as its founder and artistic director. Read article here







SA CityPages, August 2008

Kirk Feldmann: The Wizard of ACE

The next time you attend a show at the Majestic Theater or the Charline McCombs Empire Theater, pay attention to the man behind the curtain. As principal and executive director of Arts Center Enterprises, Inc., Kirk Feldmann may not be pulling levers or setting off puffs of smoke onstage, but as a 27-year veteran of the venue management industry, he has had to pull off some pretty amazing feats - like helping to bring cherished historic theaters back to glorious life and making sure they stay that way. Read article here 






SA CityPages, June 2008, sacitypages.com

Ben Brewer: Putting Downtown on the Map

At a time when hordes of San Antonio homeowners and businesses can hardly move out to Loop 1604 fast enough, the term “downtown revitalization” seems almost an oxymoron. Not so, says Ben Brewer, president of the Downtown Alliance/San Antonio, who is determined to put the central business district front and center when it comes to considering viable places to live, work and play.  Read article here







SA CityPages, June 2008, citypages.com

Buddy and Susan Treviño: Celebrating Joffrey Workshop's 30th Anniversary

Talking to dance teachers Buddy and Susan Treviño is like getting a crash course in the history of dance in San Antonio. Scores of names, faces, places, and memories tumble out - countless students, classes, rehearsals and performances. But none are more memorable than those connected with the Joffrey Workshop TX, this year celebrating its 30th anniversary in San Antonio under their co-direction. Read article here






SA City Pages, April 2008

Felix Padron, Renaissance Man

Felix Padron wants to take a walk. “I need to get out of the office,” he says, upon greeting me at the Office of Cultural Affairs at the Alameda Theatre. As we head for a favorite café on a spectacularly beautiful morning, Padron talks about the state of the arts in San Antonio.  “Most people don’t really know what we do,” says Padron, who is eager to talk at length if it will help to bring everyone up to speed. Read article here






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