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De Soto, August 2009 www.desotomag.com

New Mexico for the Arts

As arts destinations go, it would be hard to find one more vibrant, exhilarating, and irresistible than New Mexico. Two of its cities in particular – Santa Fe and Taos – are an art lover’s heaven, with countless treasures just waiting to be discovered in a wealth of museums, art galleries, historical houses, studios, and cultural centers. One visit won’t do – sampling each city’s rich cultural blend of art and history just leaves you hungry for more – but it’s a start.



Scene in SA, May 2009

Cheap Thrills From SA To Z
If you’re going to follow the president’s advice to stimulate the economy, you might as well stimulate ours. To make it easier, we’re presenting your staycation education in alphabetical order. It might remind you that Dorothy was right. 






DeSoto Magazine, May 2009


In the mythology of Texas, Houston looms large. With a reputation for urban sprawl and oil wheeling and dealing, it’s easy to overlook the biggest city in Texas as place to hang out and have fun – a high-energy, vibrant destination that has something for everyone. Whether you’re an arts lover, foodie, shopaholic, theatre buff, or simply fantasize about sending the kids into space, this could be the year to ask, “Why not Houston?”




 Meeting News, March 9, 2009


Destination Insider: Tennessee

Stage set for Music City Center in Nashville; Knoxville's TouchKnow&Go Kiosks Area a First for Tennessee; Gaylord Opryland Resort Serves Up Group Menus Mixing Low Cost, Quality; Memphis Already Has 200,000 Convention Room Nights Booked

A project that has been talked about for a decade will take a big step forward with a vote this month by the Nashville Metro Council to "turn loose some bigger dollar amounts" for a new $595 million, 1.2-million-sf convention center, said Bruce Spyridon, president of the Nashville Convention & Visitors Bureau. Read full article here



Successful Meetings March 2009

Texas Two-Step (Houston)

Houston, Tex.--Let's face it. The words "walkable" and "Houston" do not roll trippingly off the tongue. Some might even call walkable the ultimate oxymoron for a city where people are practically welded to their cars as they navigate the seemingly endless sprawl. But lately, the fourth-largest city in the country is determined to prove that even though pedestrian-friendly is no mean feet, er, feat, Houston is definitely up to the challenge. "We're not there yet," says Greater Houston CVB spokesperson Lindsey Brown, "but we will be." Read full article here



DeSoto. January 2009 www.desotomag.com 

Ancient Places, Ancient Peoples

Los Alamos, New Mex.--Walking in the footsteps of the past can be a humbling and powerful experience. Visit a time capsule that contains the ghosts, artifacts and memories of days long gone at Bandelier National Monument in Los Alamos, New Mexico. 





Successful Meetings, January 2009

Destination Texas Beaches: Beach Break

A swirl of wind and rain whipped up over the warm waters of the Caribbean  last September and took aim at Texas’ beach communities. Although the news coverage of Hurricane Ike—a Category 2 storm that made landfall in the early morning hours of Sep 13—sometimes implied that the popular seaside resort town of Galveston, 45 miles south of Houston, had been virtually wiped out, “we are definitely open for business and still booking,” says Meg Winchester, director of sales for the Galveston Island Convention & Visitors Bureau. Read full article here




Meeting News, October 6, 2008

Destination Insider: San Antonio

River Walk to Tack On Miles

What do you do when you already have the number one visitor attraction in the state? If you're Texas, you make it bigger and better. The $350 million River Improvements Project, which will extend the famed River Walk to a 13-mile route, was "a long time in coming," said Steven Schauer, San Antonio River Authority spokesman. "This has been a vision for more than 10 years."  Read article here




Dallas Morning News, Travel, September 21, 2008

Anyone Can Soar at Albuquerque Hot-Air Balloon Festival

Albuquerque, New Mex.--At the world's largest hot-air ballooning event, you don't have to be Richard Branson to soar with the big kids. Even mere mortals (translation: those not balloon owners or pros) can fly with hundreds of sky-bound participants at the 37th annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta Oct. 4-12.

But if you want to go, the prudent choice is the Fiesta's official ride company, Rainbow Ryders Inc. Read article here

When You Go: Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico

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Denton Record-Chronicle, dentonrc.com, Life/Travel

wfaa.com, Travel

kvue.com, Travel



Successful Meetings, August 2008

Destination San Antonio

Beautiful and spirited, San Antonio is a city that knows how to eat, drink, and Fiesta. Home to the two most popular attractions in Texas--the storybook River Walk and the venerable Alamo--the state's top tourist destination welcomes 25 million visitors a year to a unique setting steeped in rich history and cultural diversity. Under the iconic Tower of the Americas, a charming, walkable downtown offers elegant hotels, fine dining, shopping, museums, galleries, parks, and plazas, while nearby resorts, spas, and world-class golf courses beckon.  Read article here     



SA CityPages, August 2008, sacitypages.com


Rockbox Theater: That's Entertainment

Fredericksburg, Tex.--It may be the best-kept secret in the Hill Country, but not for long. Enthusiastic word of mouth about the year-old Rockbox Theater musical comedy revue in Fredericksburg is spreading faster than butter on a hot strudel. Read article here





Vista Magazine, January/February 2008

Once Upon an Island 

Amelia Island, Fla.--Tucked away in northeastern Florida near the border with Georgia, and only thirteen miles long and three miles across at its widest point, Amelia Island might just be the next best thing to having your own private hideaway. Read article here




Successful Meetings, October 2007, p. 65

Destination: Austin

Austin, Tex.--Jam-packed with history, museums, parks, nearby resorts, spas, and gold courses, and home to the high-tech industry and one of the hottest film and music festivals in the country, Austin consistently makes the Ten Best lists in everything from top job market to most educated to most vegan-friendly. A walkable, vibrant downtown welcomes visitors to kick back and relax in between wheeling and dealing. Read article here



Vista Magazine, September 2007

New Mexico's National Hispanic Cultural Center 

Albuquerque, New Mex.--Eduardo Diaz is still chuckling over a phone call he received a few days earlier. "Somebody wanted to know what we were doing for Hispanic Heritage Month. I said, 'You know what? Here, every month is Hispanic Heritage Month.'" "Here" is the National Hispanic Cultural Center, a spectacular and sweeping arts complex that opened in 2000 in Albuquerque's old Barejas neighborhood adjacent to the Rio Grande--a fitting location for the largest Hispanic cultural center in the nation. 



Scene in SA, January 2007

The "Other" Las Vegas

Las Vegas, New Mex.--If someone tells you that the best little place to get away from it all is a town called Las Vegas, chances are they're talking about the one in New Mexico, or--as the proud residents of this town like to remind visitors--the original Las Vegas. In fact, the locals sometimes refer to their glitzy counterpart in Nevada as the "other" Las Vegas.



Dallas Morning News, Travel, December 1, 2006  www.dmn.com 

Two Nuevo Laredo Eateries Cross Border to New Starts

Laredo, Tex.-- How far would a restaurant go to keep its customers coming back?

For some, just across the border is far enough.

Two of Laredo's newest arrivals are old hands from Mexico. Popular longtime eateries Los Ajos and El Rancho opened Texas locations earlier this year when the violence in Nuevo Laredo related to drug trafficking became too hot to handle. Read article here



Scene in SA, June-July 2006

Laid-Back Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nev.--So you're going to Las Vegas? Relax. 

No, really. Relax.

Although most people wouldn't normally associate all that blazing neon and nonstop commotion with the road to inner peace, it's really not that farfetched. You can see Vegas in a whole new light if you skip the gambling and partying once in a while to kick back and unwind. 

After all, Las Vegas has more personalities than Sybil, more incarnations than Madonna, and more things to do and see than anyone could fit into one mere lifetime. After adult Vegas, family-friendly Vegas, high-rolling Vegas, old Vegas, new Vegas--why not laid-back Vegas? No clattering casinos, no ear-splitting nightspots. Vegging out in Vegas isn't necessarily cheap, but at least you won't lose your shirt or your hearing. This is by no means the definitive list, but it will get you started on your path to Serenity Now, Vegas-style. continued

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